Infographics: Bullying/ Cyber Bullying


I wonder what is the present state of these  issues here in the Philippines?

Cyber bullying remains under reported, but inquiry about cyber bullying: relevant stats, victims, school policy and proactive approach serves as the highest source of traffic referred by search engines. Interestingly, 90% of these inquiries are from the Philippines.

What do you think? Do we have a school bullying outbreak?
School Bullying Outbreak MAT@USC

Via MAT@USC: Masters in Teaching




  1. were the informations scoped in the Philippines? like 160, 000 kids miss school each day for fear of bullying. 1 in 10 drops out of school due repetitive bullying. 81% of bullying acts aren’t reported to adults, 71% of students say bullying is a problem to their school, 56% of students have seen bullying in their school, 42% of students have bullied a peer, and 31% of students have bullied by their classmate. Please reply..

    • Hi Marjorie,

      it’s a US stat



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